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24 June 2008 @ 11:42 pm
Atlanta Brolita  
Name: Greg
Age: 23
Birthday: Nov. 4
Blood Type: No idea
Western Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac sign: Rat
Location: Atlanta, GA
Contact Info: You can use LJ to message me, or use it to find my email or AIM screenname
My Style(s): Gothic and Kuro loli mostly. Pink just doesn't go well with my skin tone.
Favorite Brand(s): Actually all my stuff is homemade or offbrand. :-/
About Me: I'm your average mid-twenties hetero brolita. I just like to do things that are fun, whether thats going out on the town or staying home and hanging out.
What I am looking for: I'm looking for a female.
And their style: They should where whatever they feel like wearing, whether it's guro or country, loli or not.
And their personality: Fun-loving and caring. Sense of humor is very important, as I like to crack a lot of jokes. Someone I can borrow clothes from every now and again would be nice, but not necessary. :D
What I look for in a relationship: I'm looking for someone who's open-minded and loves to have fun. Part of the problem with my past relationships has been their unwillingness to accept the fact that I like to dress up like a girl sometimes.
Do you prefer to keep it online or take it beyond the internet?: We'll start with the online stuff, and if it seems like it's going well, maybe we'll take it into the real world.
Additional Info: Anything else can be gleaned from my journal or from messaging me. I'm always willing to have a conversation.
My Dream Date: Dinner, a comedy movie, an arcade, then hanging out cuddling back home.
Picture(s):Here's one and here's another of me as a brolita. I haven't got any recent photos of myself that don't suck, but when I get some taken, I'll post them.

EDIT: I'm going to leave this post as it is, but I'm happy to say that I've found my soulmate. We've been together for a little over a year now, and she and I hare a happy loli couple. Still, though, feel free to message me for friendship and whatnot.
Current Location: home
thetelegothikathetelegothika on August 16th, 2010 04:12 pm (UTC)
...I didn't know till today that I was one of these Brolita chaps lol... But I do now. Good to see we have an official title & not just "trap" or sommat equally obscure. Good to see one out there such as yourself & mid twenties too like me. I thought I may be in a dubious majority of one.

I'm a Goken loli myself as I'm starting out...yes yes...I'm a damn Ita atm & have made some classic mistakes (schoolboy (or girl!) errors I guess) but I'm learning fast & g/f has been a good help too.

Cool pics you have, you do pull off lolita well. And because of that I hate you instantly! Lol. just joshin'. I think my coffee & twiglets have gone to my head.

As for the girlfriend thing...indeed, telling them you are into lolita is akin to throwing a handgrenade into a nest of wasps, I've had to.. though surprisingly most girls I meet think its quite cute & don't have a problem with it. Maybe you pull off lolita & dressing as a girl so well that they get jealous.. it can happen. Can't see you staying single for long though, thats my opinion.

right time for more Twigletts!