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loli_personals's Journal

❤Lolita and J-fashion Personals Community❤
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A personals community for those who love lolita fashion and Japanese fashion



Welcome to the Lolita and J-fashion Personals Community. As the name suggests, this community is for people like you who are advocates of the gothic and lolita fashion or another facet of Japanese fashion and are yearning to find that perfectly dressed someone special. While the mainstay of this community is gothic and lolita fashion and its many subgenres, we welcome all types of Japanese fashion including but not limited to:

♔Visual Kei
♔Onee Kei/Onii Kei
♔Cyber/Cyber Gothic
♔and of course, Gothic and Lolita




♔All applicants must be 18 years old or older. This is a precautionary measure. We cannot be held responsible for anything that might happen to any applicant. Participate in the activities of this community at your own discretion.
♔Respect everyone. That includes but is not limited to respecting members' preferences of fashion, lifestyle, sexual orientation, etc.
♔Advertising may be done with a moderator's approval.
♔Harassment and/or stalker-like behavior will not be tolerated.
♔Using someone else's pictures and/or posing as them will not be tolerated.
♔Though it is not restricted, it is highly advisable to avoid chat speak, i.e. tYpInG lyk D!S
♔All entries must be tagged. Refer to the Tags section.
♔You may only post your application ONCE. Should you feel the need to redo your application, please delete the first one and then post a new one.




If you have read through all the rules and you are comfortable with the way things run here, you can now join and post your application! All applications MUST but put under an LJ-cut. If you do not know how to do an LJ-cut, please consult the LJ FAQ.


All applications must have the appropriate tags. Your application must have a tag of at least one of your fashion styles and what gender you are looking for.

NOTE: If you welcome inquiries from either gender but you have a preference, put both the 'looking for either' tag as well as the tag for gender you prefer, 'looking for ___.'

Tags are the easiest way to find what you're looking for. Simply go to the community page and click on one of the tags under the Tags on the left.

See the master tag list here.



Any comments, suggestions, problems, etc for the community?

Comment here.


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